About us

We are a Latin American company founded in 2021 represented by Niteon SAC which saw the need to create the MaybeStars platform that is designed to help content creators generate income doing what they love, create quality content for all their followers from different social networks and earn up to 90% of their subscriptions.

Our mission:
MaybeStars is the social platform revolutionizing connections between creators and fans. MaybeStars includes artists and content creators of all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing authentic relationships with their fan base.

Content and engagement:
MaybeStars welcomes all genres of creators and their content. MaybeStars is designed to optimize creator engagement. When a creator posts, over 40% of their followers view and interact with the content. More than 60% of direct messages sent by creators are seen and opened. We want creators to go on to earn over $1 million since they monetize their content on MaybeStars. The platform continues to grow as more creators use content as a way to connect with their followers.

CEO Founder: Ronald Mori G.
CoFounder: Andrés Salas M.

Support only can be reached at holis@maybestars.com or chat on MaybeStars profile